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How to Convert From Fluorescent to LED Lights There are numerous reasons why an individual should consider converting his fluorescent lights to LED lights. It is widely known that fluorescent lights contain mercury and do not last very long. LED light bulbs are environmentally friendly because they do not contain mercury, last longer, conserve energy and emit less heat. The process of converting fluorescent to LED lights is relatively straight forward, but you must have a conversion kit or a drop-in tube in order to successfully complete the task. Instructions 1 Find the necessary conversion kit or drop-in tube before starting to convert the fluorescent light fixtures to LED strip lights capable fixtures. The Albeo Tech website explains that drop-in tubes are easier to install, but they are less efficient than conversion kits. Select and purchase the equipment that works best to meet your needs. 2 Turn off the power before beginning to work on the LED street lights fixture. Remove the light cover in addition to the fluorescent light bulbs. The ballast cover should also be removed by twisting it or sliding it off. 3 Use a screwdriver to remove the ballast and the wire caps in order to expose the wires. The transformer from the conversion kit must be secured where the ballast was located. Install the mounting brackets from the kit and make sure that everything is screwed tightly. 4 Click the LED light bulbs into place. The wires must be connected to the transformer as well as the LED light bars. Reinstall the ballast cover and turn the power back on to make sure the new bulbs work. 5 Install LED lights using similar steps if you chose to use drop-in tubes for the conversion process. Oonce the light cover and fluorescent bulbs are removed the LED bulbs are inserted directly into the old brackets. Reinstall the cover and turn on the power to make sure that the light works with the new bulbs in place. Tips & Warnings Using a drop-in tube means the old ballast is still in place. The old ballast can compromise the effectiveness of the LED bulb lights. Leaving the old ballast in place is also a potential safety issue because it can cause high voltage within the light fixture.